Patching mainline packages (in this case GCC)

I'm dealing with a GCC bug that has been patched (edit: I misread what needs to be patched) in other distros. I'll upstream the issue when I have something a bit more concrete, but for now I want to apply a patch and see if that's sufficient to fix my crash. I'm having difficulty sifting through guides because so much is Arch based and we don't have ABS. I think what I need right now is GCCs PKGBUILD for Manjaro so I can runmakepkg, apply my patch then create the Pacman file. However I can't find the Manjaro equivlent of the Arch PKGBUILD.

So I either need to figure out where this package file is located or understand how this is supposed to be done on Manjaro.

Edit: This always happens when I make a post... I think I found it at Prior to this I was going to the Manjaro specific repos I found on Google and didn't realize there was a level above. So my question is if I'm on the right track with this.

if no "manjaro" string in Maintainer field , its the original archlinux (with branches, not always same version) as this GCC

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