PC crashes when running GPU instensive program

my PC randomly crashes when i run a 3D Program(i have tested DOTA2 TF2 UNIGINE-HEAVEN)

When that happens Most of the time i get weird red artifacts
and it always loops and last 1-2 sec of sound

the issue is Driver indepentand (happens on both FGLRX and RADEONSI)

if you need any more info i can provide it any log files or anything

So, you use the integrated graphics, right?
If this is the case, check the ram (run a memtest).
If you have two modules take one out and try again to run something GPU intensive, if you have the same problem try with the other module. Anyway run a memtest, cause this is just something you can do quickly just to locate the problem.

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i forgot to mension that i have dual channel ram

i have run a MEMTEST(86+ 5.01) with both of them on it passed 100%
then i tried stick#1 and i run unigine heaven for 2 hours straight no issues then i tried stick#2 and it crashed within 5 mins 2 times in a row what should i do now contact the manufacter

You're not running dual channel RAM if your RAM are not the exact same model. Dual channel means the RAM should be the same size and frequency. But I think it shouldn't matter that much though. You should check your motherboard bios and see if your RAM is using the same frequency.

i bought a kit of 2 ram sticks is there a chanve the wont be runing in dual channel mode

they are, and i have issues only with stick #2(so far with my testing)

But why is your RAM size detected as 7GB, dual 3.5 GB stick? :hushed:

MemTest is not very reliable.

Use Prime95 and run blend mode for one or two hours. Caution: it will pump your CPU temperatures to the max, make sure your cooling is working.

That's weird indeed. Maybe some RAM is used as VRAM?

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1 GB is used for the R7 graphics
512MB when i have only 1 stick on

where can i find it

Maybe that's causing the issue? What happened if you don't give anything to your GPU?


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It's the same thing like mprime? Available in AUR.

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Yes, mprime is the name of the executable.

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Dude i do not have a dedicated GPU if no vram is given then it won't be able to boot into the bios(not video output)

Thanks i will try mprime

@anon23612428 ok so i have installed mprime do i need to run the 2 hour test with both sticks?

Okay, I didn't know about that. Let's see if you can get anything from mprime turtoring. :wink:

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Yes. If it crashes or shows error messages, then something is wrong, and you can then retry with only one module.
Keep an eye on your CPU temps!
For RAM testing, use the "blend" mode.

[quote="anon23612428, post:19, topic:8475"]
Keep an eye on your CPU temps!
[/quote]oh yeah BTW which program should i use to monitor my CPU temp :slight_smile: i do not think it is neccery i have a beffy after market cooler (Arctic Freezer 7 PRO rev 2)

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