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I did, but then my system broke and all my configs were gone. (Had to reinstall, not chance to fixing the installation).
The compton line which used to be in my autorun.sh was gone as well after reinstalling.
I'll research that.
Thanks for your replay. :slight_smile:

Totally welcome. Just as a quick test I would open a terminal and try picom -b to see what happens, it should indicate why it's failing there or if it works, it is most likely not working due to trying to autostart 'compton'.

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Yes you're right. It says:
[ 2020-05-13 21:28:27.445 session_init FATAL ERROR ] Another composite manager is already running

How can I switch it off?

Get the pid first: $ pgrep compton or maybe but doubtful $ pgrep picom
Then kill it softly: $kill -15 (above returned pid #)
Finally relaunch picom: $picom -b

Also I would make my life easier and replace all the compton calls I could find. the_silver_searcher will do great here. (and also show you all the compton errors in '.xsession-errors')

$ sudo pacman -S the_silver_searcher
$ cd ~
$ ag compton --depth=0 --hidden

This will show you everywhere compton appears and may need to be edited to picom. (This could be scripted and fed into a loop with sed search and replace command to do it automagically as well)

package you describe here doesn't exist. :frowning:
no compton on my system. only picom
I think picom's already running but I didn't turn on opacity properly like I had in my other config which got lost.

EDIT: Oh man, simply forgot to configure opacity like I want.
All good now. Thank you for your help, airclay. :slight_smile:

Weird. Check for typos?

~ >>> pacsearch the_silver_searcher
community/the_silver_searcher 2.2.0-1 [installed]
    Code searching tool similar to Ack, but faster

Ah, I misunderstood thinking that it was more than just the config file. Glad to see it fixed!

LOL got you also now.
Can it be that you've watched a lot of movies lately?
Read it again:

$ sudo pacman -S **the_silver_*surfer***
$ cd ~
$ ag compton --depth=0 --hidden
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That's what I call a speeding ticket. HA.

Yes, I love speeding tickets.
I'm working as a supporter in a software company.
So always trying to make sensible tickets here in Manjaro as well. Cause I know how frustrating this can be when you don't know what the customer actually wants or how you should help him.

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