pimoroni.com's Rpi4 Fanshim - Manjaro ARM 20.04 Xfce

Hello! I have the Pimoroni Fanshim for my Rasp Pi 4 and I am trying to learn if the scripts listed on their repo are easily adaptable for Manjaro ARM Xfce or if I should just leave it powered on and not worry about this.

Repo & Guide:


I have experience with bash scripts but I am new to python. Looking at this python code, and I dont know much, but I know enough to see this would need to be modified for Manjaro.

I wonder if it is as simple as modifying a few packages and making sure this works with python3?

Thank you for your time.

Well I never knew that - Pimoroni are 8 minutes away from me (not that I can collect anything :mask:)

The script is written for Debian based distros, so all the apt stuff would have to go. I would post in their forums and ask for help.

Stable library from PyPi:

    Just run sudo pip install fanshim << that will work

Latest/development library from GitHub:

    apt install git python3-pip >> sudo pacman -S python-pip
    git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/fanshim-python
    cd fanshim-python
    sudo ./install.sh << my bash is so so :D

The rest would be trial and error :smiley:

Install the library with pip:

sudo pip install fanshim # needs internet connection....

So (first script) fanon.py:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from fanshim import FanShim
fanshim = FanShim()

#Turn the fan on with:

Make it executable:

chmod +x fanon.py

Run it

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Shameless plug to something I wrote on their GitHub https://github.com/pimoroni/fanshim-python/issues/78. Should be applicable for XFCE too :man_shrugging:

I'm using it for 25+ days and it works.

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Are you using pacman to download Python-configparser? Cant find it

Yes, I had to install python-configparser from AUR, before I did the other steps.

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