[pinebook / pinebook-pro] Manjaro ARM i3 20.04

An updated Manjaro-ARM 20.04 images with the i3 profile are now available for both the Pinebook and PinebookPro:


SD image:
direct | sig | sha1 | torrent
emmc-installer image:
direct | sig | sha1 | torrent


SD image:
direct | sig | sha1 | torrent
emmc-installer image:
direct | sig | sha1 | torrent


With this new version because of the lagging issues with urxvt I have switched default terminal to @Chrysostomus's sterminal, wich uses st-manjaro and tmux.
Other than that, of course all current Manjaro-ARM-updates apply as described here


  • An issue with the autostart of pulseaudio unfortunately went unnoticed in the initial 20.4 release. This has been fixed in the 20.04.1 rebuild. With the first release installed, please adjust ~/.i3/config like this !
  • The current keyboard firmware of the PinebookPro does not support key-combinations Super+ arrow keys
    For that reason the default i3 mod-key is Alt !
  • touchpad pointer acceleration still deserves come more tweaking. If anybody would like to suggest some config, you are more than welcome! :wink:
  • Battery monitor in the statusbar is configured for the PinebookPro. For the regular Pinebook you need to adjust ~/.i3status.conf and comment/uncomment the appropriate lines:
path = /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-battery/uevent # Pinebook
# path = /sys/class/power_supply/cw2015-battery/uevent # PinebookPro

EDIT: A second rebuild of the images is now online 20.04.2, which switches back to using video-fbturbo instead of modesetting because of issues with compositor picom:
On installs of the original 20.04 or the 20.04.1 builds, please install package xf86-video-fbturbo-git and reboot.
Alternatively if you are not keep on shadow effects anyway, you can remove picom autostart in the .i3 config and continue using panfrost without fbturbo.

Have fun with these images and as always, thank you for your valuable feedback!


Thanks for the update of the i3 image. Some things I noticed:

  • some of the key combinations advertised in the lower left area are not working (bmenu, morc_menu, help)
  • connection to PulseAudio via pavucontrol is not working
  • connecting external Bluetooth speakers only allow Headset mode, no a2dp
  • audio is not played on the external speakers at all
  • suspend to idle was not working (also went to locked screen)
  • the new terminal is a huge improvement over the old version
  • having a tool such as arandr installed by default to configure your external monitor setup would be great
  • enable a hotkey for i3-dmenu-desktop by default, which will show the desktop menu entries in a dmenu
  • it seems the statement that the super key is not working is no longer valid. just changed the modifier key in the local .i3/config and can trigger the commands via the 'pine' key now (would be a better default IMHO)

Kind regards,


Thanks for still supporting the standard Pinebook :green_heart:

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It is the best option so far for regular pinebook (I only miss full disk encryption to be 'perfect' :D)

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Thank you for the feedback. I will address the issues shortly.
Are you on the original Pinebook or the PinebookPro??

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Pinebook Pro. Installed on SD Card.

Did you do a firmware update? If so, which one exactly?
For me Super+arrow is not working.

I found the solution for the sound problem:
The autostart in .i3/confi needs to be changed to
exec --no-startup-id start-pulseaudio-x11

I'm uploading fresh images 20.04.1 including the pulseaudio fix now.


Pinebook Pro:

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Thank you for that update.

I installed that image on EMMC : Manjaro-ARM-i3-pbpro-20.04-emmc-installer-20.04.img.xz
My pinebook pro is from the second batch, ISO keyboard.

After installation I experienced a very laggy xorg, mouse over a button would take a couple seconds to display a color change. I solved the problem by installing xf86-video-fbturbo-git.
Isn't the video driver supposed to come preinstalled in an image specific to the pbp?
I'm surprised nobody reported that yet, maybe something happened specifically on my install?
Could that be the reason some people experienced lag in urxvt? it doesn't lag for me now.
I hope that helps if anyone has a lag problem



Thanks! this worked for me too, it was laggy and slow. So much better now.

Pine Key is working for me too as default mod.

On Pinebook Pro we use panfrost driver. Maybe picom compositor has issues with it ... trying to find out more.

Indeed, fbturbo has no issues with picom, while with modesetting cursor moves much less smooth while picom is on.
I'm uploading new images with fbturbo added. Like that we are going to use software rendering ...
Alternatively of course you can stick with modesetting and remove picom from autostart, giving up shadow effects of course ...

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Hey, that is really a difference in scrolling, mouse pointer movement and overall UI responsiveness. Only problem found so far: it doesn't support second screens via the USB-C adapter, whereas this same setup is working properly with the panfrost drivers...

Yes, you're right. Super+arrow isn't working for me as well. Pinebook Pro (ISO) from Feb. 2020 batch, no keyboard/touchpad firmware update installed (not sure if it's still required).

While uploading new images is great, IMHO it would be nice some kind of changelog/howto for those that doesn't want to reinstall the entire system every new release.

Install fbturbo

pamac install xf86-video-fbturbo-git

then reboot

There aren't any changes but the ones mentioned in the top post:

I got the super key to work with arrow keys, I flashed this firmware :


I just had to replace the debian stuff

sudo apt-get install build-essential libusb-1.0-0-dev xxd

with the manjaro equivalent

pamac install vim libusb base-devel

I can't guarantee it's gonna work for you, but I can report it worked for my ISO keyboard on the second attempt. If it fails, you have to restart the whole flashing procedure from step 1.

Bonus : the trackpad now works a lot better too!!


I've heard some people claim it's better than the "official" one.

I haven't tried it myself, but maybe @PINE64 can shine some light to this?

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