Pinebook Pro Kwin crashes consistently unless Breeze is default

Hello. I recently got my PBP with Manjaro KDE as the default desktop. I love it and aside from a few desktop niggles it's a great laptop with a great environment. I do have a few issues and don't know how to properly address/report these issues. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated on the proper channel(s) I need to use.

Some of the more common issues:

Kwin constantly crashes when using a theme other than Breeze. (Could be the Manjaro theme as well that runs well. But, being red/green color blind, I haven't properly tested it.)
Blur slows down the PBP. Is this Panfrost issue or KDE issue?
Some KDE animations don't appear to be function properly like they do on my other setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And, I could also use the proper information that I need to submit such as log reports, etc.


Blur would be Panfrost. Which is why we disable it by default.
No idea why kwin is crashing. We would need some logs from the crash point to get an idea.

Ok. I'll replicate some of the crashes and look for logs. I tried using the crash report but couldn't get it to work right for some reason. Do I post the crash ports here?

Can be Panfrost and it is still under heavy development.

Most likely panfrost again but there are some tiny bugs around kde plasma too but it will not lead to any crash.

I can only suggest you to use something what is convenient to you but you might have to test several themes and see which one is not too heavy and is stable.
Please do remember that panfrost is still a WIP project and it will become more stable as it matures.

For this you can always raise an issue on mesa panfrost git if it is an issue related to mesa/panfrost then they will fix the issue while you can also check if it is theme reletad issue.
Can you get some logs from the dmesg and see if panfrost is throwing any error when you try to switch to the theme that you like. This way panfrost team will easily understand the issue.

If there is no logs in crash report then it is most likely panfrost issue, You can run dmesg on follow using
dmesg -wH and see if there is any output from panfrost.

Thank you for trying to help the team with the logs.
Good Luck.

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Thanks for the info and help. I'm aware that panfrost is a wip that's why I wanted to find out where to send information. I don't want to waste another teams time if it isn't pertinent to them. I'm very new to the whole debug/reporting thing. It's not really an issue for me, just some things that I noticed. I have my desktop environment set up the way I like/want. I'm just trying to help out in any way I can. Themes and aesthetics are a secondary or tertiary issue IMO. So, I did the dmesg -wH and it spit out a whole bunch of stuff. I did a find with the search criteria of panfrost and there was a lot there. Hopefully, they can make heads or tails of the output.

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You can always raise an issue here

You will be happy to look into it.
Thank you for your support.

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