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I reveived my PBP last week and after an error I made with u-boot have reinstalled it with the latest installer for EMMC

But I have also a (very good working) NVMe drive installed and want(ed) to use it as an root drive for home and all binaries, logfiles etc. ATM I only have located /home on it.

But the forums are full of tips for doing this. But all of them seem to work only with the old 1-partion scheme on Manjaro. I have ruined my original installation with this.

My question: is there something like a "cookbook" for doing this with the new partition scheme of Manjaro? No problem if /boot has to remain on the EMMC

I do not want ruin my working istallation :wink: And it is very frustrating reading all the instructions for all possible and impossible u-boot versions.

Thanks in advance

This doesn't directly answer your question but here's how I recently had to re-setup my / install on my NVMe. (After the edit)

It should be as simple as booting a "live" Manjaro ARM image from an SDCard and making a / partition on your NVMe with the label ROOT_MNJRO and then rsync-ing the contents of / on the emmc to the newly created partition. You'd then delete the root partition from the eMMC. Before doing that verify that /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf (on your eMMC) has root=LABEL=ROOT_MNJRO set within.

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After bricking my PBP more than one time with flashing U-Boot i handled it in this way

  1. install partitionmanger or gparted
  2. format the NVMe and make one partition with EXT4 on it
  3. mount the newly created NVMe partition to /mnt
  4. "cd /mnt"
  5. "mkdir dev proc sys mnt"
  6. "rsync -aHxv --numeric-ids --progress /* /mnt --exclude=/dev --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/mnt"
  7. start partitionmanager KDE or gparted
  8. edit the partition and rename the original partition label from "MNJRO_ROOT to MNJRO_ROOT_1 on the SD card
  9. edit and rename the partition label of the NVMe partition to MNJRO_ROOT
  10. apply all changes and reboot

Now the PBP boots from /boot on the EMMC and mounts / from the NVMe

Mission accomplished and no need for u-boot updates or renewals

NO warranties that it works the same way on other PBP's of other users !!!!


Works perfectly fine! Thanks for the write up...

EDIT one minor issue discovered: gnome-keyring-daemon complains about insufficient privileges and insecure memory, reinstall via pacman seems to solve the issue.

Hi DrLamb and Zash

Thanks for your comments: they might explain why my PBP is not booting from the SD card: the partitions on the eMMC are corrupt following that July update but still named 'BOOT_MNJRO' and 'ROOT_MNJRO' as are the partitions on the SD card. From the Unix command line (I seem to be able to get Arch Linux working but not Manjaro) do you know what commands I should use to change the label/partition name?


SDCard should always have a higher priority then the internal eMMC. Even after changing the boot order to use the M2 SSD on my machine I’m still able to boot a separate system from microSD.

If that doesn’t work on your machine you should create a new microSD card from an up to date image.

EDIT: from within the OS booted from the microSD card you should be able to fix your internal eMMC, or completely replace the OS there with a fresh image.

Hi Appel

Alas the screen is always blank. I've tried three versions of 20.06 (XFCE/I3/KDE) and none of them work. It is a great mystery! Hoping someone out there will know what to do...

[edit] I have discovered how to log into the broken manjaro so am hopeful I can fix it up now. Thanks!

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