Pinebook Pro USB-C dock with HDMI. No Display

Using a USB-C dock with a new pinebook. The other ports on the hub function. However there is no HDMI output.

When examining the "display configuration" GUI window (KDE) there is a second window called "DP-1" when the dock is plugged in, irregardless of whether a HDMI is plugged in or not.

When inserting the USB-C cable the other way around, the Display Configuration does not show any extra monitors irregardless of HDMI. It does not display the "DP-1" window in this case either.

HDMI on the USB-C dock works when connected to other devices

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Can you share the model of your dock?

Afaik, not sure of all types of dock work out of the box, but the one I have works fine, mine is cheap unbranded chinese all in one type c dock.

This one.

Thanks for the reply. An amazon link to the product.

I have the exact same problem (Pinebook Pro, Manjaro ARM KDE, same symptoms) with the following usb c dock:

@coolmule0 - any luck on finding a solution since posting?

I returned the hub while I still had the chance, so no advances on my end

I'm keen to try this one by Star Labs. Manjaro retweeted it recently. It has dual HDMI out. Still yet to find a USB-C hub with working dual HDMI output for the Pinebook Pro.

Here's another one that did not work:

Couldn't find the working one posted by Spikerguy at the US Amazon site, and the (UK?) site posted by coolmule0 won't deliver where I am. Ideally would like a link to a cheap working one at or

Be aware, that the SoC in the Pinebook Pro is only capable of outputting up to 4096x4096 canvas. Meaning that it can handle the internal screen and 1 external screen at 1080p. Maybe 1440p if your lucky and position them right.

I was able to vertical stack a 4K screen and the internal screen (Laptop screen below 4K monitor, as it fits into the 4096x4096 canvas that @Strit mentioned. I am currently using this Vava hub I got on sale a while back:


So you could in theory get 2 1080p external displays + the internet if you stack them on top pf each other in the settings.

Just ordered one of those VAVAs. No guarantees of course, but at least I know it worked for someone. Thanks for posting.

That's my goal. I don't wan't to use all three screens at once. I want to only output video to two external 1080p displays, while the PBP screen is deactivated.

Turns out that the problem was a setting and not the hardware. All I had to do was go in the xfce's display settings and enable the setting or settings (depending on your version of xfce, I think) that cause the computer to detect and configure new displays when they are connected. Sorry, Monoprice, your adapter works great and I'm sorry I blamed it.

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