PinebookPro pre-orders with Manjaro KDE are now live

Pinebook Pros are about to re-enter production and will be shipping with Manjaro KDE as the default operating system! Pre-orders for the new production run starts on Wednesday (March 18th) and shipping is planned for early May.

As many of you know we have developed and fostered a truly special relationship with the Pine64 team over the course of past 3 years. Their single board computers and the original Pinebook were and remain some of the best supported software options to date. It is therefore no surprise that our Manjaro builds for the Pinebook Pro have also proven to be highly popular among all community members. We currently offer a KDE, XFCE and i3 variant of our OS image for the Pinebook Pro, each of which provides a highly tailored experience. These builds feature a cutting edge Linux kernel (5.6 at the time of writing), which supports all key Pinebook Pro functionality including USB-C charging, USB-C video out and are compatible with a number of USB-C docks. Out of the three, KDE version is arguably the most end-user friendly and polished, not in the least because Plasma makes use of the Panfrost open source GPU driver for desktop and application acceleration.

We’re excited and proud to announce that future Pinebook Pros will ship with Manjaro KDE as the default operating system. Pre-orders for the next production run of Pinebook Pros starts on March 18, 2020 with an estimated shipping date of early May, 2020 (once Hong Kong border opens to Pine64's shipping staff). The image that ships with the upcoming Pinebook Pro batch features an additional layer of polish, which extends to a custom set of wallpapers and tweaks to the default application list to include popular software. If you are a Manjaro enthusiast, then we probably don’t need to convince you any further, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to try Manjaro yet then we suspect you’ll really enjoy the out-of-the-box experience. Speaking of the out of the box experience, Manjaro ships with an OEM setup / installer that allows you to set your username and password as well as choose your keyboard layout and system locale on initial boot.

So what you're waiting for? Pre-Order your PinebookPro!


the pinebookpro has an arm cpu right?
can the AUR be used with an arm processor?
is there any way to tell if a package supports arm or not?

See here

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Woohoo! :confetti_ball:

Is the release build going to have an option for LUKS/full disk encryption? It's quite important if a few thousand devices are going to be running around.

As with many (if not all) other ARM (non-mobile) devices, encryption is not an option, as it's hard to do (last I heard anyway).

You could use Plasma Vaults to encrypt your documents

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pre-orders are now live.

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