pixeleo y parpadeo en mi pantalla


Good morning or afternoon friends.
I wish you could help me with a problem on my screen.
Pixelated distortion appears on my screen, on the desktop and in games.
Here is a screeshot of what I mean:
! [pixel error | 378x201] (upload: //lsj49vAOvHmKs0nSMP6PyqoLzht.jpeg)
close to the KRDC application, a pixel appears, this asubes appears more often when I watch youtube and in games the graphics are distorted and blink, with lines, rectangle, etc.
note: I solve the problem by restarting, but it is annoying to do this every time I have a problem.

Buenos días o tardes amigos.
Ojala ustedes pudieran ayudarme con un problema en mi pantalla.
en mi pantalla aparece una distorsion pixeleada, en el escritorio y en juegos.
aqui les dejo una screeshot de lo que me refiero:
error pixel
cerca a la aplicaicon KRDC, aparece un pixel, este asubes aparece mas amenudo cuando veo youtube y en juegos se distorsiona y parpadea los graficos, con lineas, rectangulo, etc.
nota: el problema lo soluciono reiniciando, pero es molesto hacer esto cada que tengo le problema.

Welcome to the Manjaro forum, @rodrigeitor :slight_smile:

It's not immediately obvious what can be your problem, so I would recommend checking out this article:

Apart from that, I can imagine maybe you're using the open source graphics driver on a NVIDIA GPU?

If that is the case, try to change to the NVIDIA driver:

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

Boot afterwards.

And if not, you'll make it easier for us to help you if you provide some more info, as described in that article.

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