Plasma Active Window Control Widget Configuration

I would like to adjust the Window Buttons in the Window Control Widget. Currently the buttons are shown as default. I would like to switch them to McMojave buttons. If I go into Configure Active Window Controls, there is a section that says Path to Aurarae theme. I figure maybe there is a way I can direct it to McMojave, but I'm unable to find a folder with the buttons. I've provided pictures below.
Should I be able to change the buttons?

The Aurorae theme is your window decoration. You will commonly find that under ~/.local/ somewhere.

However, there should normally also be an option to directly choose the buttons from the active window decoration without having to specify a path. Look through the various settings sections in the left hand column. I think it's under Appearance.


Unless I'm missing it, I'm not seeing it below.

Look for your decoration in ~/.local then, and use the path to the one you find :smiley:

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Ah, wait, my bad. You are using the Active Window Control widget. I am using the Window Title widget and the Window Buttons widget instead.

As I understand it, the Active Window Control widget is no longer maintained, now that Plasma offers a global menu again. There was no global menu anymore in Plasma between 4.0 and 5.9, and then that widget made sense.

This solved it though. Thank you. I was going crazy looking everywhere and search in Dolphin was taking forever and didn't seem to find Aurorae


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