Plasma is Great!

Kde has been making right decisions lately. Plasma 5.11 will be a nice release. Moat notable features for me are:

  1. Redesigned settings menu
  2. Vault for encrypting certain files and documents
  3. Wayland is not a x replacement yet but definately usable.

I can not wait for the stable release.

Video demo of settings menu:

Release announcement:

Plasma 5.11 in realtime:

  1. wayland is unusable on nvidia :frowning:

It will be interesting to see how things play out. I don't think Nvidia will cave in and replace the egl streams and at the same time I don't see KDE devs backing down from insisting on GBM driver model. Some features in the works will only work with wayland sessions, meaning nvidia proprietary driver users will be left with X and deprived of some goodies. Meanwhile, gnome adapted and can use egl-streams with nvidia proprietary driver, so you can run gnome on wayland on nvidia. It's performance now is abysmal, but hey, it works, with the promise of future updates. One could argue that gnome did open source community no favor by adapting to nvidia's egl streams designs. Meanwhile, KDE is staying true to the standards. Since nouveau is far from being a good replacement for nvidia drivers, I'm curious to see which way the users swing. Will those that need wayland change their DE to gnome?


i will never switch to gnome or other DEs kde is for me the best DE but only the wayland-nvidia is ■■■■


After i saw this post and looked at the links, well ... seems that Gnome will not let it go so easy.
Will be definitely better for us to have to chose from.
XFCE will get that gtk3 ... so yeah :slight_smile:


This kind of behavior will make Linux people not to buy Nvidia cards. Right now, both of them are quite good but If I were to buy a laptop of built a rig again I will go along with AMD for sure. They have done so much for open source. Hope Nvidia gets around this problem because Wayland will be the default of most of the DE at the end of this year.

Only time can tell now.

I expected no less but KDE is allocating their resources more efficiently. They are dropping dead projects and replacing it more versatile and making it requiring fewer dependencies. Gnome and KDE will grow along side of each other and I personally use a second DE which is Budgie. It uses gnome codes. So, win win for me.


I'm KDE and NVidia all the way, but indeed since i tested Manjaro i got to know all DE's and like them as never before :slight_smile: and the advantage was to understand even better what's behind and helped me improve my workflow.


so join team red :wink:

Video demo of new settings menu is here:


I wish they hadn't done that. It feels as if you come to your regular supermarket and everything you normally buy is relocated and you have to search the whole shop for it. Eventually you will find it but it takes time and effort, like it took time and effort for the devs to create it.
Why not concentrating on fixing bugs before releasing something new? There are still KDE programs which don't work flawlessly. I wished that would get more attention. But who am I, just a user with a twisted mind who sits home with a burn-out.


Same settings options, grouped together the same way, just displayed differently. I like it, more intuitive to use if you are a compulsive "tweaker".


I played around a bit with virtualized Neon and like the changes so far. I think it's a welcome change while still allowing people the option to return to the previous layout.


You have the option to use the old settings menu upto kde4. So no harm done.

I think it is redesigned in QML. Not sure Though.

I coouldn't. It is not in even arch-unstable repo yet.

The stable developer edition of KDE's Neon has packages available to test. They're not in the live disk yet (labeled 20170912), but there's little doubt they'll be included in the next live spin.


I have used KDE neon for a long time. For me it was the best KDE experience ever. But I can't stay away from Arch much longer. Will download a KDE-neon developer edition today.


Digikam 5.7 gets nice updates



The digikam is a heavy install. I tend to avoid heavy dependency installs. KDE is working on getting software as less dependency hungry as possible. There is some experimental project going on. Some of them may land with Plasma 6. That would be phenomenal.

Plasma 5.11 in realtime:


I have been a happy cinnamon user for 3 years now but I swear each KDE update makes me want to use it more and more they are just doing everything right right now. Next time I install Manjaro it will probably be with KDE.


It really is great. If you want the real deal breaker, then wait for plasma 5.12 LTS. It will use wayland and realtime process switching baked in Kwin.
The most notable approach with kde is that they have understood their code is not enough and they are using other open source counterpart to handle the situation.
What a time to be a KDE fanboy!


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