Plasma is Great!

KDE3 was my first real foray into Linux, and it was, and in my eyes still is, the perfect desktop. For all the additional looks and themes that new desktop environments have, KDE3 was supremely functional. I miss it!

did you try to post the following link?

this link is about planned improvements for open/save dialogue. your links is about an abstruse topic, which is already resolved...

Up, sorry. Not sure how the link was replaced... Thanks @excalibur1234 for pointing that out. I never even saw the link I posted so I have no idea how it showed up in my clipboard replacing the one you just posted and which I originally intended.


Speaking of "blast from the past", this was my KDE desktop in 2000.



Latest Plasma 5.13 bugfix release.

Blur screen lock and login still has no opt out :roll_eyes: .


Also no mention of a solution to this annoyance:

To whom actually should i be looking for the solution; Oracle [ie, is this a VirtualBox bug] or KDE [ie, is this a Plasma or Qt bug]? I do hope it gets fixed soon.

Another long due recognition.


This makes me happy. Debian was the first distro I truly liked and currently is my 2nd favorite to Manjaro. I only left Debian because I wanted newer versions of the packages.



there have been more improvements:

i am especially excited about the fixes for kate. the shadows have been tweaked as well, but i find them barely noticeable anyway. instead of fixing the "font settings" menu in wayland, they simply hid it in plasma 5.13.3 - not the best solution, but better than nothing.

as @sueridgepipe has already mentioned, "plasma-frameworks" 5.48 was released containing all the improvements from the last month.
unfortunately, it is still in arch linux' "testing" repositoriy:


Yay for the improvements to shadow configuration for breeze


Latte dock .8 is here.


Well, it is here at least, but not yet in the Manjaro repos afaik.

Edit: Yes, it is now in Testing.

I meant released. You will eventually get it.

Not yet in Stable, but per my "Edit" above [which i made prior to your reply post], it is already in Testing now, hence my KDE Testing VM already has it.

Whilst i can see some of the new features & functions, so far i still cannot deduce how to copy a dock from one Layout to another Layout [which the Dev said Latte Dock is pretty awesome is now in this new version]. I shall have to return to his video & watch again, to discover the magic trick that i seem not to be understanding yet.

so we moving to adapta breath with kvantum now?

Latte has such hidden tricks. For example, you can enable in it function of stripping titlebars in maximized mode (if you don't use it from AWC or if it doesn't work well) but it's not obvious. It took me a while to figure it out because there is no simple box to tick "hide titlebars in maximized mode" - it's an option of layouts and because of that we can manage which layout will have that effect and which not. I'm sure this new copying dock feature is also placed in this bit confusing layout management.

I removed Pop!_OS and installed Manjaro KDE on my System76 laptop. In this video I explain why I decided to go with Manjaro KDE. Interestingly, I gained roughly one extra hour of battery life after switching to Manjaro (which comes with TLP enabled by default). I also note that I like Arch better than Ubuntu and that I like KDE Plasma better than GNOME. Finally, I comment on some minor problems I experienced with Pop!_OS.


adaptabreath works both in normal aurorae/breeze and kvantum :wink:
... I dont know about 'going with it' but it is available and phil recently placed it on the beta .isos..

And latte-dock has also introduced some keyboard shortcuts - just to piss me off :smiley:

super-a & b I had defined for emacs. Had to undo them.

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