Plasma is Great!

And readily available so I hear ..

Yeah, right-click, select Edit and set label, man:

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Last nite, I gave a new try to Latte dock with an extra Layout that I saw in KDE store ( Moe Layout with 4 extra docks ) Most of the needed packages can be installed from add some new xxx buttons in Global Theme, Plasma style settings. I chose one my fav icons packages (DamasDamas), Apps styles Breeze is chosen as default, for windows style picked just a rounded corner one. On the first run, I missed 2 docks, like gone. So I asked the developer and he recommended to remove cache latte in .config>Latte>cache and reinstall Moe layout. It actually worked.. and this is it. (background image link is in the Kde Store link btw)


Application Set 20.04 is here.


Oh no, not buntu -- noooooooooooooooooooooooo... :scream:




KDE’s powerful file manager Dolphin adds new features, allowing you to better interact with remote file systems like Samba shares and SSH servers. Now you can start watching movies stored on remote sites without having to download them, and instead stream them directly from the cloud to your player through Dolphin.

Blah-blah-blah, since this update the ability to watch movies from SMBv2 shares has been vanished at all haha:

Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'smb:// (at ASMT)/....mkv'. Check the log for details.

But streaming in Dolphin preview pane works, what a relief:


:rofl: Exactly. I use to be able to 'samba' :man_dancing: into my movie share drive, but not anymore.


Is this setting available again with the last update?


Regards!! :grinning:

Unstable here (literally :smiley: ):

Was it ever not available? It relies on the package kde-gtk-config so make sure you have that installed.


Yes, I was confused, with Plasma 5.18, GTK apps automatically pick up the same icon, font, and window decorations settings of KDE/QT apps...
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I can't seem to change window decoration, only breeze and sierra-breeze work, qt5ct is not set, wonder what I have done.

Hmmm kwinft is the problem.

it seems to me, KDE got too good and popular for their own good, i dont see a bright future for them

Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.

Perhaps you are right and the future is not bright for KDE. Or perhaps you're wrong... Only time will tell. But one thing is indisputable: thanks to KDE the future for Linux desktop users is certainly much brighter than it would have otherwise been. This is because KDE set the standards really, really high.


Exactly! After the launch of the weekly update from Nate Graham, I think KDE development is somehow increased. KDE is in a far better shape than it has been previously(I have been using plasma since 5.5). Can't wait to see what they do in plasma 6!

While I really like KDE, and am using it every day, there is one issue that, in my mind, makes no sense.

Why is Dolphin still unable to open files on a SMB share? This is really noticeable if I want to watch a movie from my server. I can't just double-click on the file and have it open in SM Player or VLC. It is something that other file managers, such as Nautilus, Nemo, Thunar, and even PuppyLinux's RoxFiler, have no problem doing, why not Dolphin?

Ironically, the devs said that this issue would be fixed with version 20, but the behavior is still present.


What makes no sense to me is using SMB on Linux. But you do you... :man_shrugging:

If that's something important to you, don't use Dolphin until it gets fixed.

The only instance I needed to use SMB was to share files from my laptop to my workshop computer which controls the CNC machines and has to run proprietary software on Windows 7 (which has no access to the internet, because Windows computers, in general, do not deserve that privilege).

They're working on that. In fact, I think it was fixed in the latest release. :white_flag:


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