Plasma - log verbosity

Found this:

Purports to stop plasma spamming your log files - @jsamyth thought you might be interested.

Seems to work, I stopped everything, easy to turn back on if I encounter problems.


Which of the several suggestions in that thread did you follow? There were like 4 or 5 different suggestions.

As the last post admitted, stopping debug messages doesn't fix the problem because QT and Plasm log most stuff at way higher level than debug.

I've got my journald.conf set as follows:


But I find that setting (warning) is too high, killing off other messages that I would really like to see.
I'm still searching for a happy medium.

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cat /etc/environment

Brutal, but effective and easy to undo.


Here's another solution. The value for SystemMaxUse is arbitrary.



But that's part of the problem.

By setting SystemMaxUse as small as you have, you will guarantee that nothing of value will remain in the journal for more than a few minutes because as the journal will be filled with QT tripe.

Storing all those debug message spewed by KDE/QT purges your logs of all useful information by filling them with stuff that should not normally be shown except to developers.

Most of those message SHOULD be at the debug level. But KDE programmers and QT set them much higher (usually notice).

Log levels, as I'm sure you are aware are:

"emerg", "alert", "crit", "err", "warning", "notice", "info", "debug"

And to filter out the chaff, you have to set the "MaxLevel..." items high enough (such as warning) to avoid storing these QT/KDE messages, OR as @zircon has shown, shut them off at the source.

I'm probably going to switch to Zircon's method because I can't do anything with those QT messages anyway, and my current settings (in post above) are (maybe) trimming some important messages.

Thats what I do. My SytemMaxUse is set to 50M and the logs are also useless. What I see is when I use knotes a never ending spam of logs is popping around. Unistall knotes and the logs are much less but not satisfying.
Ultimately I use Zircons solution because useless logs are as good as none.

thanks for the tip!

i have just added /etc/environment file to latest commit to pacli-simple.

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Me too, now that you all have so nicely explained it. That's the great thing about Linux--always learning a better method.

Thanks! :smiley:


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