Plasma marries Wayland (Finally!)

KDE has finally created a Kwin that will not require xwayland anymore to run wayland. This will be independent from any x support. Go ahead and read it.

Update: KWin/Wayland goes real time
This will enable kwin to be much more versatile and efficient. Sadly it won't land with plasma 5.11 because the developer made the changes now and 5.11 is now in testing. Plasma 5.12 will be a LTS release. SO, they are aiming big here.


Very nice.
Progress is made.

Now if only nvidia would get on the wayland band wagon....

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Sooner or later :expressionless:

Its probably going to happen once wayland becomes more solid.
I dont blame nvidia for holding back on it, it is still a new unproven concept compared to x and it needs traction.
I say the only good thing about ubuntu going to gnome is wayland, Ubuntu is very influential in the desktop space still and nvidia may finally start seeing the benefits.
It just needs some ground support before companies like nvidia and AMD adapt to it.
But with that said wayland does need to become more stable as well, the lack of support goes both ways and wayland really needs something to make it shine.
Fedora has done a good job methinks but it doesnt have the following ubuntu does, if ubuntu does aid in waylands development then we may see wayland come of age at last.

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