Plasma: No panel, no desktop, cannot update due to erros

Hi guys, I was trying to find some kind of output that I could paste here to help you all help me, and I'm sure I will get lambasted for missing something in the wikis or the forums, but.... Here goes!

  1. I have no visible desktop, and when I right-click on what should be the desktop, there's no menu.
  2. I also have no panel, and can't seem to find an alternative way to add an empty panel.
  3. I am able to use krunner to open applications, system settings, etc. which is a relief because I'm actually still able to use the computer this way.
  4. I recently installed i3-wm after which this probably appeared. Coincidence? Maybe...
  5. All other applications and settings seem to be functioning properly. I just don't have access to your traditional desktop functions, mainly the desktop and panel.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Try creating a new user account and logging in as that user.

Thanks so much, that works. Is there a way to copy over the settings I had previously such as theming, etc.? And lastly, no way to get the other user working? Is there a troubleshooting procedure that anyone can recommend for the above-mentioned?

You can pretty easily copy over the settings but that is almost guaranteed to copy over the problem as well.

You can go through all the settings in ~/.config and try to figure out what you broke in there.

This one of the situations where the best solution is a good backup.

Ok, @dalto I'll go through the file and report back what I found. I'm also having trouble updating but I'll create a new post for that.

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