Plasma Style Consistency

Hi, I use version 20.0.3 (Lysia), with KDE desktop environment as my daily driver.
Thanks for the amazing work on this distro!

I love to find the most comfy plasma style for my working environment. So i downloaded and tested many global themes from system settings. After spending much time, i found that DBreeze (global theme) is the most convenient. Because it fulfills my requirements:

  1. When a window is maximized, the close button must be easily clicked on the top left corner of the screen, so we don't have to point the cursor again after we drag our mouse to the top left corner. (I can achieve this with title bar buttons configuration)
  2. The usage of icons and text colors must be consistent whether i use the light or dark theme.
  3. Icons must clearly represent the current status or indicator. e.g. wi-fi signal quality, muted sound, etc.

But there is an inconsistency on the Connection window, as attached. I can't see clearly the configuration, add, remove buttons.
It would be perfect if that part could also adapt the theme applied.
Or is there a way to edit this part only?


This issue was discussed before. Apparently the fix will arrive in stable at some point

Wow, thanks mate!

Just got update this morning, great!
It's perfect now.

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