Please add arch package powerlevel10k

Hi guys,

Could you please consider adding the arch package for the zsh theme powerlevel10k to one of the repos?

Powerlevel10k is a full featured shell environment for zsh. It is a fork of powerlevel9k but much faster.

Only a git version is available on AUR and it is buggy.


Powerlevel10k is a theme for Zsh. You can easily install it and use it with oh-my-zsh.

Just install oh-my-zsh first:

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It's already available in unstable and testing, see

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If it is already in the Arch repo, it will coming anyway..

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You can use powerlevel10k with Oh My Zsh but it's not a requirement. Oh My Zsh doesn't make it easier nor harder to use powerlevel10k.

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