Please add fcitx to iso-profiles

Fcitx is a lightweight input method framework aimed at providing environment independent language support for Linux. It supports a lot of different languages and also provides many useful non-CJK features.

See for details.

I have filed an issue but no response.

it is easy with spins
but dont get your hopes high
it wont be implemented with official manjaro
as its focus in europe continent.

Voted up and added your description here to try and help the cause. If @star2000 and other users concerned by this are able to help test this functionality then there's more chance of it happening with future ISOs regardless of the developers mainly being from the EU.

If anyone can point me in a fully pkgbuild for implement i can take a look..

full implementation for kde only needs

kcm-fcitx fcitx-qt5 fcitx-gtk3 fcitx-gtk2

an autostart file for fcitx in

and environment varibles



so what you need to do is only modify
manjaro-kde-settings package


for gnome
we will use ibus


export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus
ibus-daemon -d -x

needs only this much


Ok.. i look into It..

I have added two packages at our repo to enable Asian support into manjaro easily


Well give it a try and report back

its missing ibus as dependancie

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Now we just need to install manjaro-asian-input-support-fcitx or manjaro-asian-input-support-ibus.

#sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip    # Make the next command faster
sudo pacman -Sy manjaro-asian-input-support-fcitx
#sudo pacman -Sy manjaro-asian-input-support-ibus    # Or you want to use ibus
# Re-login or reboot to apply modify.

If the system language is not Chinese (zh_CN), fcitx will not automatically configure the Chinese input method.
Open fcitx configuration, click + in the lower right corner, uncheck "Only Show Current Language", enter "pinyin" in the search, add "Pinyin", and then press Ctrl + space to enter Chinese.


I m a bit confused.. in gtk i use ibus and not fcitx .. can be used both? I can t test this support so i Need to ask the Better general config at users..

Ibus is good for Gnome, Fcitx -- for KDE.

In contrast, ibus has poor performance and poor compatibility.
Ibus is not recommended as the default input method.

I improved this at

For now, I use ibus-m17n for tibetan script with Manjaro gnome. As march 10th today, will Tibetan be supported in manjaro-asian-input-support ? It would be great !

Fcitx-m17n has been added to my fork,

but I don't know when it will be merged into the official repository

While many users may be European, I think focussing on Europe alienates the potential wider userbase. I mean there must be many Manjaro users who are not in Europe and not European, and businesses and people that translate Asian documents, and learners of Asian languages. Also, the Chinese (中文) forum here seems to be active.

Perhaps it could be offered as an option during install when users choose asian keyboards or regions.

I use Fcitx a lot on Xfce. It just works and is easy to implement if you know it exists.
I would recommend that users run fcitx-diagnose to see which environment variables to add.

i think an calamares module would do the job
check the region via geoip and give option to install the input method.

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As a user of Chinese input method (pinyin), I can confirm that ibus sucks. Please prefer fcitx over ibus even for Gnome.

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