Please fix lightning langpack problem

Please include for each langpack the correct extension from: /thunderbird/distribution/extensions/ and move it to the i18n langpack package. That's, I think, the better solution to obtain after updates the correct locale for lightning

Thunderbird is transferred directly from Arch Linux, so it's a packaging issue from Arch, which is probably not gonna get fixed. Since it's been that way for over a year now.

Fixed with our package in AUR

But only french.... :stuck_out_tongue:

No time to do it for other languages, I can do more, but actually I have health problems with my theeths. Do you what it is when your theeths hurts you all the night ? :frowning:

ERRATUM, problem in AUR management team, use delete buton by error, renamed in:

Tried to make a splitted package in AUR but it is not good for AUR, downloading all ■■■■■■■ sources

Better for all languages from TnV:

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