Please improve Manjaro Mate 18.1.0 Installation

Many thanks for providing the current release

However, I noticed the following and would therefore like to ask for improvement of the installation.

I just installed Manjaro Mate 18.1.0 from DVD with the following suggestions:

  1. Please explain the advantages of a UEFI installation and show even more clearly if the installation method is a BIOS/UEFI installation.
  2. My installation took 26 minutes, please write more clearly what is being worked on and why it takes so long.
  3. My system clock is running on local time, there should be a query. Since I live in Berlin, the time after installation is displayed with two hours time difference.
  4. The slideshow which is displayed during the installation could be in German and with more information.
  5. Maybe especially interesting for newbies: Please show a clear hint to the user accounts and passwords when starting the installation medium.
  6. I had always set Mate to show the panel in light at the top, with links: Applications, Places and System. Why is this now different and how do I get it back to the previous configuration in the quickest and easiest way possible?

Thanks in advance

Unpacking the filesystem takes time

Linux defaults to UTC - Microsoft defaults to localtime

English is the de-facto standard for international communication

This can only be collected after the keyboard and locale has been chosen

Look and feel is a matter of taste or lack thereof - Use the Setting/Control panel and change the look and feel to your liking.


Please test the 18.1.1-rc2 install media's we released for our flagship editions. They include some fixes.

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Thanks a lot for your answer philm. But I tryed XFCE on MX Linux before and was not really comfortable with it, my preferred DE is MATE. KDE and Gnome seems to be to overloaded for me...
Architect might be a possibilty, but there will be to much to install and configure after the base-installation, I'm afraid.

So best thing for me would be to assist the MATE-Team of Manjaro as far as it is possible and I am able to do it. Maybe some time in the future it becomes also a official supported release like it is on Ubuntu MATE.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

You have added a link to, which explains the advantages of UEFI to me, such as higher security and faster system startup, but has no direct connection to Linux. To the best of my knowledge, Linux has always worked around the BIOS and accessed the hardware directly without BIOS calls, hasn't it? I will install again, this time with UEFI.

With regard to local time, it is true that Linux uses UTC by default, but unlike Windows you can configure this behavior. In my opinion, the smarter system should accommodate the weaker system, I think. There are many other users with multi-operating system installations. As long as Windows has such a high market share, it is simply indispensable for certain applications, although I find this very regrettable myself.

Have you seen the current installation with Calamares? The whole installation process runs in German, so it's already translated, only at the point where the advantages of Manjaro can be highlighted, there are just three repetitive slides in English. Don't you think it would be easier to introduce Manjaro to Danish users if the advantages were advertised in Danish and not in English?

Regarding the user account information: At least, I chose the Locale and Keymap when I started the DVD. Then it shouldn't be a problem if a document with the name "Important!" is displayed on the desktop with this important account information. Then you wouldn't have to google when you start Gparted to edit the hard disk and are asked for the root password to see how I felt.

Regarding the configuration of MATE: Just have a look at, then you will see how I and many other users are used to the presentation and expect it. I don't think it's good at all to have a different presentation.

I hope you understand me.
Many thanks in advance


I might have guessed, but I was still a little surprised.

After reinstalling Manjaro Mate 18.1.0, this time in UEFI mode, my Windows 10 installed on sda2 was no longer displayed in the newly created Grub boot menu. While trying to boot from sda in the usual way, I ended up at the grub rescue prompt. Probably this means that I have to reinstall Windows 10 now or need a Windows 10 Recovery DVD, right?

Thank God I have connected more hard drives via USB, so their grub boot menu should boot the installed Windows 10 without any problems.

MATE is maintained by Stefano Capitani who is one of the Manjaro Developers. I believe all the ISO available from the homepage are actually maintained by one or more of the Manjaro Developers, so Community is a slightly misleading term in that sense.

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