PLease show me your KDE setup

It's a word that comes up quite often in conversation, doesn't it? :smiley:




They have had that rule for many years. Also, since the original owner of that subreddit left, the moderation became much less strict, e.g.,:

  • Before it was required to have a "busy"/"dirty" screenshot with at least two open windows, now it is only one, i.e., some posts are almost just a wallpaper/background now.
  • Before it was required to have "details" comment that provided information on what was shown and possibly how to recreate it, dotfiles was not required but encouraged, now the details comment is just encouraged.
  • Before the rules where determined by a democratic voting process of the members, now they are dictated by the moderators.

IMO the "no defaults" rule does not hurt non-tiling setups, personally all my submissions have been on KDE Plasma. As long as the wallpaper and plasma theme is changed it should be fine, but not very interesting unless more work has been put in. I am certain that a screenshot of the default Manjaro i3 would be flagged by the "no defaults" rule as well.


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