Plex Media Player (AUR) needs a rebuild after Testing Update 2020-05-03

Plex Media Player stopped working. Plex Media Player was working just fine prior to yesterdays updates. I know cause I used it on SApril 30th without issue. I mention it here cause there has not been a update for Plex since before the last time I used It. The only thing that has changed are 2 sets of Testing updates. I uninstalled it and tried the Chaotic version and it wouldn't launch either. Finally resolved the issue using the Appimage for it.

Aur is not really supported here since it's user-made changes.
But general rules is that aur packages are built based on present time packages, when these packages change, there may be some incompatibility and you need to make a clean rebuild (erasing the cache folder of the old build or choosing that option in your aur helper).

Likely it was caused by libcec.

Appimage, flatpak, snaps and so on are great to avoid these kinds of problems.

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