[POLL] What editions should we ship by default?

The project has not been back up for some time and we have had time to get multiple desktop environments going. These have until now been picked by the device/edition maintainers.
So mainly me at this point.

But we have been working on the MATE edition, which looks really slick now, and we might even pick up an XFCE edition too.

We are curious of what editions you would like to be the default ones that get images.
It ofcourse depends on if the device can handle it or if it even makes sense.

What editions should get images by default?
(make 3 choices below)

  • Minimal (current)
  • LXQT (currrent)
  • KDE (current)
  • MATE
  • CuboCore
  • i3
  • XFCE

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Thank you!

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no love for deepin?


Question... What is the "minimal" edition? Does it have a DE or a WM at all? Or is it just CLI?

It is just cli. Perfect for building your device the way you want it. It gives you all the basics but the DE/WM is for you to install. Also useful for setting up headless devices like servers


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