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dear all,
I've installed Manjaro Openbox in an HP Stream machine that I'd like to use for zoom, skype etc.
All seems to work fine, but there are a few things I'd like to change and a minor issue with the polybar.

First I'd like to reduce the number of workspaces from 7 to 3, and also change their names from "home", "web" etc. to 1, 2 & 3.
I've tried to modify the workplaces.conf in /home/myname/.config/polybar/modules but what I've only managed to have all workplaces disappear from the bar :frowning:

Then I've got 3 temperature indicators active, now one shows 43°, the other 36° and the third 44°... I've not been able to figure what they're showing, and thus which one to keep (I'd like to have only 1...) . In their conf files they only differ for the thermal zone, one is 0, then 1 and the the third is 2. But what does this means? Which one is the most important? (I tried to google it, but got quickly lost in bit of too technical stuff in a sea of meteorological or other unrelated stuff).

More importantly, while it's clearly there in the config file of the polybar, the battery doesn't show up :frowning:


Take a peek into the root menu -> Help and Info -> take look at the corresponding wikis or helppages for the application in question - e.g. Polybar.

The number of workspaces is defined in rc.xml and most comfortably edited using obconf

The temperature indicators vary by system - if you make your system do some hard working - one of the indicators will go up - this will probably be CPU temp. The other can be removed from the ~/.config/polybar/config.

The battery may be named differently on your system. Edit the ~/.config/polybar/modules/battery.conf to set the correct battery.

You may also wanna have a look at the network modules to ensure those are looking for the right interface names.


The same goes for the conky if you wanna display your network IP and statistics.


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thanks! Hadn't logged for a few days, I'll sure use your infos :slight_smile:

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