Pop Shell Gnome extension needs to be updated.

They seem to have fixed the blurry window issue, blurry window is really annoying.

work fine for me .. on my test machine :blush:

They haven't fully fixed it, yet.

maybe go on thier site and post " Pop Shell Gnome extension needs to be updated "
or maybe help them fix it ...

Manjaro has no control over it :relaxed:

I mean Manjaro can compile a newer version for us, although the newer version hasn't fixed the problem yet.

you can compile for yourself if you need it fast.. Im sure they will get around to doing it when they have time :relaxed:

Yes, I just remind them that they have had a fix for it, although I've found out that they haven't.

you not need anyone from manjaro ... I sure they have more things to worry about .. It not hard just read :+1:

Fine, don't update the package, nobody is forcing you.
We can update it via AUR though.

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Thanks for the heads up, I'll try to update it tonight.

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