Porting the qtvkbd program (Virtual Keyboard) under wayland for Manjaro ?

Hi Manjaro Team,

Could it be possible that you port the qtvkbd software under Wayland for Manjaro ?

I'm not programmer, so I can't do that. This program is only supported on Xorg/X11 but not Wayland. It's a very good virtual keyboard and it can be easily replace the default virtual keyboard from KDE.

Moreover, it is more complete than the virtual keyboard from KDE.

You can find the source code here.
All the information are on the page.

Thanks in advance if you can make it. It will be beneficial for the Manjaro Community.


That project hasnt been updated since 2017

I know but it works very well under the last versions of Manjaro but only under Xorg/X11. If I try to make it works under Wayland, I've got a segmentation fault error.

Perhaps someone here can take again this project or make it a fork ?

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