Possibility of writing files on Manjaro usb-stick.

I was able to write files on usb-stick with Ubuntu, because I had space on usb-stick, it didn't affect written system. With Manjaro written to usb-stick it's like locked, can't put anything on usb-stick, inconvenient: I have a usb-stick, but because Manjaro on it I can't use it as data storage.

You are correct - this is because the Manjaro ISO is a ISO9660 cdrom file system.

If you want to create a multi functional USB stick you can follow the guide in the #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section

If you follow the guide to create a Manjaro USB stick you will also learn how to boot almost any ISO just by copying it to a folder inside the Manjaro installation.


As always, Frede explained everything very well.

But I would like to briefly explain the background: The fact that on the stick with Ubuntu is still free space, has to do with the fact that the creation of a separate tool is used (in german: Startmedienersteller), which can be used only for Ubuntu ISO-images. With that you can decide for yourself if there should be free space left or not.

If you were to create the Ubuntu-ISO on a stick with another ISO-tool, you will not have any additional free space - unless you change it manually.

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Thanks guys. This was moved from Manjaro Development section. Are there software development proposal section or about adding feature to existing ?

Earthquakes and frog-rain are likely to happen - I don't think the ISO generation are going to change.

Of course I cannot be sure - but the usage of excess space on USB sticks has been mentioned before - and I can easily understand the desire.

You should try creating a stick using the guide. You will be surprised how easy it is :slight_smile:

Exactly, that should not change. It's fine the way it is.

I just wanted to explain that the tool which is only suitable for the creation of Ubuntu ISO images and is not generally intended for ISO's of any kind.

The ISO creation for the Manjaro ISO's is great and remains as it is at the moment. :wink:

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You mean that because of the way it is, it fits to any ISO, not only Manjaro's ISO ?

I apparently expressed something misleading earlier. What I meant is:

Ubuntu offers a tool that can be used to write an already downloaded Ubuntu-ISO to a USB-Stick (and not to create the ISO itself). However, only Ubuntu-ISO-images can be written to a USB stick with this (Ubuntu)tool. And that's why @linux-aarhus explained to you how it works with manjaro when it comes to having more free space.

I wrote that because you wondered in your start post and asked why there is no more free space available for use on your manjaro-ISO on your usb stick. :wink:

Yes - that is what I meant.

You don't have to install Manjaro onto the USB - you can use the multi boot script as a stand-alone solution for booting the USB

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