Possible to flash TV with another OS?

Hello everyone.

I have a very old (2013 - 2014) Grundig smart TV, which hasn't gotten any updates for ages now. I am just wondering if there is a possibility to flash it with some other TV OS, such as Android TV OS.
IF so, what would be the process of flashing the TV?

My searches online hasn't gotten any usable results.

Well, assuming a Smart TV works the same as any other device, you'd have to unlock the bootloader, if it has a locked bootloader, flash TWRP, and then flash your ROM. However, with the exception of the Shield TV box by Nvidia, there aren't any custom roms made for Smart TVs that I know of. I found some threads online that pretty much say the same thing. I think the easiest thing you can do would be to get a separate device to hook up to the TV.


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