Post 19.06 Updates

Post 19.06 Thread

This thread will be a continuation of updates and bugfixes that occur since the 19.06 release and before the next release. We will maintain a thread of such for every release forward.

Rock pi 4

Fixed wifi and bluetooth

So in our preliminary tests with the rockpi4, we were able to set up and boot mainline kernel and uboot. Wifi and Bluetooth does not work on 19.06. We have fixed this issue and it will make its way into the next release. In the meantime, you can install things manually and get it working

  1. Update to the 5.2 kernel
$ sudo pacman -Syu

With this kernel (5.2) there is a known delay in boot time (2-4 minutes) on all rk3399 devices. This is known across many OSs and many devices. Expect a longer boot time.

  1. install firmware package
$ sudo pacman -S ap6256-firmware
  1. Reboot and enjoy wifi and bluetooth. Note that the boot time is significantly longer.

All devices using mainline kernel

Kernel CPU Frequency governor wrong

Found a problem with the kernel cpu governor being somehow set to performance (max frequency all the time). It has now been fixed back to ondemand in 5.1 and 5.2. Simply update the system to receive the fix.

Panfrost/ Lima issues

If you have a device that runs a Panfrost/lima enabled kernel (5.2 and the Pinebook kernel) you might encounter a non-working gui after updating, due to an incompatible version of Mesa and Kernel.
You can fix this in 2 ways.

  1. Install xf86-video-fbturbo-git. This will use the Fbturbo driver instead!
  2. Install mesa-git from the repo, which has all the fixes from the upstream Mesa 19.2 branch.

All Devices running an older kernel (Odroid n2, some raspberry pis)


Previously we created an sddm-n2 package for the Odroid-n2 as it has an older kernel that caused sddm to break. Since more devices that have older kernels are coming (rpi4 and soon the vim3) we went ahead and renamed this package to sddm-compat until we can figure out the proper fix and patch it in.

When updating to the new sddm-compat (done by a normal system update) the /etc/sddm.conf configuration file will be changed and the theme removed.

To get the theme back:

  • KDE - Change the setting through the setting manager
    Theme name: Breath
  • Lxqt - Add the manjaro theme to /etc/sddm.conf
    Theme name: sddm-qt-manjaro-theme

Tools / Packaging

Resizing script

Shortly after the 19.06 release, our method to resize the partition and filesystems on first boot broke. This did not effect any of the 19.06 releases as far as we know. This was due to some updates with the underlying tools that was used. We have instead implemented a new method (actually old but reliable) that resizes the sdcard after the OEM setup. If you are building images, please update manjaro-arm-tools or manjaro-arm-tools-git packages to receive this fix


You might need to update the part about installing the rc kernel, since linux-aarch64 5.2.0-1 final is now in the repos. Any idea what else (apart from the kernel) is needed to get gpu acceleration working on the rk3399 boards? (I'm using the Rock Pi 4B and manjaro arm 19.06 lxqt.)

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