Post installation guide?

Fistly I'd like to apologize for the silly question but I'm totally new to Manjaro and this was a standard procedure for me after installing my previous distro (Fedora)
I've just completed my first Manjaro XFCE installation and I was wondering if there is available (or if it is needed) any post-install giude to follow in order to have a complete system working out of the box (i have in mind something like installing of multimedia codec, non-free repository, etc.).
Many thanks for your support.

There are no such guide for Manjaro.
Manjaro comes with most things out of the box, even non-free GPU drivers, if you chose those during installation.

Everything is available from the start.
Welcome to Manjaro.


Everything should work out-of-the-box.

Welcome to Manjaro. :wink:

Many thanks to both of you, Good to hear!

There really isnt any such guide as everyone would have their own idea of what this means. Its really based on your personal preference and needs.

If anything isnt working after install you will need to troubleshoot it. Thats were this community/wiki, google and the arch wiki come in handy.

Beyond that its a matter of getting used to the OS, adding/removing software, tweaking things how you want and setting stuff up (like backups, network connections, etc).

As long as you are comfortable with the idea that you will run into some issues along the way and can put in some effort to resolve them you will be fine.

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Still googling around I've picked up this one:
Maybe worth to share or maybe not.

Manjaro isn't Arch, so be very careful with any Arch-specific guides.

Honestly, though, you shouldn't need to do a single thing to make Manjaro work. That's the whole point.

Well, for starter you can enable AUR support in Pamac (unless is this done now by default?) Although, try to keep stuff from AUR at minimum. Update the system, restart, set it up to your liking and backup it up :wink:

There are few other things you can do, but you know those already, since they are not Manjaro specific...

You can always find someting useful in tutorials section :wink:


For me, postinstallation is installing manjaro-zsh-settings and setting default shell to zsh. But that is more of customisation than post install task...

Really, it depends on what you want. Most things that would be postinstallation tasks are part of the installation now.

There is a postinstall bash script included in bspwm edition, but it is intended for minimalistic editions like bspwm or awesome. You probably have something more substantial installed.

Thanks everybody for your feedback.
I think I need to get more familiar with the system.
For the moment I'll complete the installation just adding some missing apps abnd that's it.

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what i did:
Disable ipv6, disable pptp, uninstall steam, unneeded xfce plugins.
Setup UFW, setup openvpn, VirtualBox, winehq, pacaur, power savings...
Automate a service to change uuids(machine id, hostid, disks uuids, MAC adresses...)
some grub and sysctl tuning
some bleachbit'ing, network & pacman optimizations...
set home folder private
set adguard DNS
And so on...

Welcome to the best Linux forum on the web :wink:
In my opinion there are only 2 things a new user should think about in the long run.
The most important is to know how to deal with Pacnew/Pacsave config files.

Therefore I would really suggest using pacui and run it to update your system, or for the maintenance only after updates if there were Pacnew changes, your choice.

The second thing would be what @Chrysostomus already suggested, using zsh instead of bash!

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Post-install in Manjaro is based mostly on a personal preferences. Things like checking internet connection, audio-video stuff, installing aditional software, games, "disabling" the screen tearing. And of course changing the wallpaper, lol. :smiley: But thats it, you good to go. :slight_smile:

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