Post your Manjaro installation date

Use the following terminal command:

sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda2 | grep "created"

Filesystem created: Sat Jun 20 15:11:37 2015

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My laptop. My first installation was my desktop, which has been formatted a few times. I think my first install was in ~April 2015?

 Filesystem created:       Wed Nov 25 06:44:49 2015 

Filesystem created: Sat Jul 16 20:32:53 2016

Ive only had to reinstall Manjaro once, probably due to something i broke, hopefully i dont have to do it again.

Re-installed a couple of times so this is my oldest current install.

Filesystem created:       Fri Feb 27 05:39:04 2015

Am I allowed to cheat?


Sat Mar 15 15:29:49 2014 it was the Version 0.8.9 Manjaro XFCE

Sure go ahead. :grin:

It was June 2014 with Version 0.8.9 KDE Stable

:joy:I will probably post the date of the oldest Manjaro ISO which must be somewhere on my Windows PC.

Mine's quite recent.
Filesystem created: Tue Jul 19 21:23:22 2016

And this is my Home partition:

Filesystem created: Thu Dec 19 18:48:02 2013

I believe I installed Ubuntu 13.10 at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

New laptop.

Wed May 4 19:36:43 2016

tune2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda2
If it is showing this what does it mean?

You probably selected the wrong disk or partition. Perhaps you have Manjaro installed on sbd2?

Yeah wrong disk/partition. Mine was installed on sda5, so I had to use /dev/sda5 instead of sdb2. :slight_smile:

Filesystem created: Sat Mar 26 15:39:51 2016

That is my laptop I use in school now because all PCs in our school run Windows and it is absolutly annoying that everytime I wanted to use one of those in class it started updating...
My desktop system is a little bit older. But as I just switched from OpenSuse to Manjaro, my desktop system is also quite new!

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Filesystem created: Mon Dec 21 12:59:40 2015

Filesystem created: Mon Jun 30 22:32:16 2014

My very first installation was above. However for me the command is sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep "created" As I do not have multiple partitions I use multiple drives instead.

Fliesystem created would be off as have restored multiple times. Multiple backups.
And one clean install newer Netrunner ISO this year.

Filesystem created: Sat Oct 31 17:58:16 2015

But first was when I joined the Netrunner forum Registration Date: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, 05:03 pm
And been running Netrunner ever since April 2014.

My newest Manjaro installation have done Fri Jul 22 14:02:00 2016

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