Present Windows in Kwin stopped working after last update

I have just updated my Plasma installation from 5.17.2 to 5.17.3 and my shortcuts for the functionality of "Toggle Present Windows (All desktops)" are not recognized anymore. I tried to change the shortcuts to something else and still doesn't work. Previous to the update, it worked without an issue.
Logs in ksystemlog don't show anything related to the issue.

Is your compositor still running? Check... :arrow_down:

System SettingsHardware → Display and Monitor → Enable compositor at startup

If it is checked, then try toggling it on and off with Alt+Shift+F12.

Note: In order to use compositing, your graphics driver must support it. Almost all Free & Open Source drivers in the kernel would normally support compositing, but I don't know to what extent the nouveau driver does, in case you would be using that.

Hi Aragorn.
It was fixed with your suggestion!
I don't know why did the compositor turn off. I must have wrongly pressed the combination without noticing it.
I have Intel graphics, so the magic of composition is perfectly supported from scratch.
Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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