Pretty tired of waiting for Brave updates. Any news?

It's been two weeks since the latest major update, 1.11.97, rolled out
Are you guys dropping support for it or something? Considering that in the meantime you released two unstable updates, two testing updates and one stable update.

Thank you c:

For the most updated Brave try brave-nightly-bin or brave-beta-bin from the aur.


We just updated our packages for stable branch:


I'm on testing tho: don't stable updates apply to testing as well? Perhaps I've misunderstood the idea behind testing and unstable branches, since I've always thought updates go through unstable, then testing, then stable.

You can install directly if you don't want to wait.

sudo pacman -U

Apparently testing is behind stable in this case.
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It will be part of todays testing snap.

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" Pretty tired of waiting for Brave updates"

Then switch to a browser that does actually protect your privacy VIVALDI.

"Are you guys dropping support for it or something?"

They should, just like Vivaldi and many other browsers Brave should not be supported via the updates.


I think you could generalize that to "No browser at all".

One way to come to mind to tackle this issue is providing an "browser choose installer" which installs the stable version of the chosen browser (could be Pale Moon, could be Brave, could be Firefox...) from the AUR.

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@Agentx .. So I suppose you mean either everyone should build their own browser by source (have you done that? chromium can easily take 6 or more hours) or that you dont care about binaries being built with the current Stable libraries? The first doesnt seem like it would make very many people happy .. and the second one will quickly prove itself annoying, when you cant open your browser.

@RoestVrijStaal you already have every choice in the world for any installation source you want. Repos, Aur, SNAP,AppImage,Flatpak, ThirdParty repos, manually build yourself ... etc.
Heck .. even in something like pamac GUI you would be able to choose between at least 4 different sources.

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I never said nor did I imply that one should build the browser. Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave ALL have precompiled versions that once installed update just fine. That said I have NEVER had an issue with Chrome, Brave, OR Vivaldi using the precompiled versions breaking after x amount of updates. Rather one chooses to build their browser or select a prebuilt version to install is up to the user. What I personally believe is that Brave should not be included in the ISO. Personally since Firefox is a mainstream browser then Chrome not Brave should be the second browser on the ISO if a second browser is going to be included, because Chrome is the mainstream browser.

Now here we agree.

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Is it? In what version?

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You damn well know I was referring to the bad idea for including a browser selection dialog that would include Brave, cause if you're going to add the selection dialog it only makes sense to have the browsers in the ISO as well.

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No I dont. I have no idea what you are talking about.
Where in this topic was the concept of 'selecting a browser dialog' discussed, let alone that every choice of that selection would be bundled in the ISO?

Actually I find that pretty unlikely to happen .. it would make the ISO huge to have 3 different office clients and 3 different browsers, etc

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And what do you think that is? Oh a different way of saying EXACTLY what I said.

My point exactly adding crap that doesn't need to be added start at add up to a huge amount of bloat.

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Oh right .. so in my response to your comment I was actually referring to a subsequent idea that another person posted after you? Yeah .. makes total sense.

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Learn to read cause his post is at least two post above mine, so try again.

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You should probably decide whether I "know damn well" and am therefor malicious or whether I need to "learn to read" and would therefor be ignorant. Cant have it both ways.
Anyhoo .. have fun arguing with yourself :wink:

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I agree with this. I keep Chrome because sometimes it's necessary - but for a private option, I have 'open with ...'buttons in the bar so that if there are any issues with browsers I can easily throw the tab up in another browser.

Brave is the last option on the list - for Google services I just use Chrome app shortcuts - no point trying to hide what you're doing in Google Maps by using Brave :rofl:


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