Prevent disabling of USB before and after suspension

I have a problem with suspension in Manjaro: sometimes the wake up of NetworkManager interfere with the wake up of usb ports.

Result: the usb devices (mouse, keyboard etc) freeze, network connection freeze and I have to brutally power off my PC

I tried everything , as you can see in this discussion

Nothing seems to work.

Now, I just want that suspension never shuts down usb devices, neither after nor before the start of suspension process.
How can I do that?

I can't going on like that

  1. Depending on how brutal your brutal power off is, please read this:
    How to reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

  2. As you have a desktop anyway, is disabling all power savings an option?


  • More power = more expensive
  • Will attract :cat2: :dog2: to the nice warmth constantly blowing from the ventilators
  • More noise (fans always running)


I don't know, Fabby.
I uninstalled tlp completely, and there is no change in power consumption, heat, and the fans run exactly the same way as before. On a desktop system the usb power draw is completely neglible anyway.
As @salome is obviously running a desktop system, it should be the same. And tlp can easily be reinstalled.

I was going be more :smiling_imp: than :innocent: and leave TLP installed but do some other stuff in BIOS/UEFI or ACPI if the firmware isn't cooperating...

How is that a disadvantage? :blush:

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It is if you don't have any!

:dog2: :smiling_imp: :cat2:

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Well, now you do! :smile_cat:

Sorry for the off-topic, OP

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