Prevent laptop screen from being disabled with external monitor after lid close

Hi everyone, I'm using Manjaro KDE from my Razer Blade Stealth Early 2020 (inxi here). I have it hooked up to an external monitor, which I extend above using the command mons -e top.

The problem I encounter is that when I close the lid, the laptop goes to sleep, but not before turning off the original laptop screen. Therefore when I wake up, the system is restored with only the external monitor being on initially, and I have to run mons -e top again to restore my setup.

The biggest pain here, of course, is that all my windows get moved up to the external monitor because of this and it's quite annoying to put everything back. Do any of you know how I can adjust this, or perhaps some sort of workaround? I've been looking online and haven't found anything useful :frowning:

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Please have a look here:


Thanks for the suggestion @Fabby! Problem is I want my laptop to go to sleep when I close the lid, I just don't want the display to get disabled before it goes to sleep. :frowning:

My apologies: the above is the only way I'm aware of though I know that you could interfere in the sleep script through a systemd service and:

  1. turn off the external monitor when going to sleep before turning off the laptop screen
  2. when coming back turn on the laptop screen before turning on the external monitor and it's somewhere here:

But don't ask me about any details on how to do that specifically as I've never had to do that before....

Edit: actually this seems to have been solved after switching to Kernel 5.7. May be relevant to this. Nevermind this still happens :frowning:

Haha oh gosh that sounds uber complicated :sweat_smile:, but it's interesting to know!
I could always just put the computer to sleep manually before closing the lid, so I might just leave it as is.
Thanks for responding! I really appreciate how friendly the community is here.


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