Preview: bspwm-mate 20.0.1

I'm just trying to revieve good old bspwm-mate.
I already have an iso, but it still needs some tweaking, as it comes with vanilla mate and bspwm out of the box.
I copied Chrysostomus' config-files from Manjaro bspwm-mate 17.04. over and it really works now.
I am amazed. It is the first time I've been using the Manjaro-dev-tools to create my own iso and it worked relatively well, being entirely new to this topic.

Kudos go to @linux-aarhus for the idea here:

As well as to @airclay: If you want I can try to make a full out of the box functional bspwm-mate Edition and you can upload it. :slight_smile:

Screenshot (busy):

Screenshot (empty):



This looks nice. We can definitely take a look at this, fine tune and get it updated!



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