Print on a samba printer ask for credentials


I'm a Debian user but I'm trying to move to Manjaro. It looks great, but I face a very annoying issue.

I have a Brother HL-2140 printer connected to a RPI that I use to share the printer on my home network.
On Debian, I add this printer as a Samba printer through system-config-printer and it works just fine (after installing smb-client).
For some reason, doing the same thing on Manjaro doesn't work: each time I print a test page, I'm being asked for credentials. However, I haven't set any, so it should not ask for credentials...
I don't know what kind of info you may need to help me out with this issue, so don't hesitate to ask for some.

thanks a lot

Sounds like an issue involving the Samba version.

If I remember correctly, Manjaro defaults to a minimum of version 3 (which is secure), your RPi may be sharing using version 2.

Thanks a lot, I'll check and try that.

I know that as my RPI is the server, I can change min protocol = SMB3 in /etc/samba/smb.conf

But how do I check that

from my Manjaro laptop, as it is a client and not a server (so no smb.conf, right?)

Thanks again

I've changed /etc/samba/smb.conf in my RPI by adding min protocol = SMB3
I rebooted.
I've tried printing from Debian: no problem.
I've tried printing with Manjaro: it still ask for credentials after quite a while. So it doesn't work...

I can't make it work. I really tried everything I could think of. The problem is really coming from Manjaro as I've also tried on Xubuntu and it works fine.

It is also only a problem with the printer as I can access a samba folder share from the RPI.

ANy idea?

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