print settings not seeing lpt port or oki B4600 connected to it

I have a desktop dual booted with current Manjaro XFCE and windows 7. There are 2 printers connected one through usb and one through lpt1. Manjaro installed the HP connected through usb but is not seeing the Oki B4600 connected to LPT1. Both printers are working fine through the windows 7 side.

Will it not see the printer until the driver is installed? How can I install the driver for the Oki B4600 printer?

You need to install the driver from AUR
pamac build oki-b411-b431
Reboot the system after that and use CUPS to set up the Printer.

Cups is still not finding the printer. I checked the windows side and it is installed and working on lpt3. Is it possible the drivers installed to lpt1 instead of 3 and that is why cups still cant find printer? I am going to try to reinstall driver again and choose yes at the edit build files question and see if I see an option to change to lpt3.

Didnt see anything I could edit to change to lpt3

Another reboot and cups still isn't seeing the oki printer?

Tried another pc with printer connected at lpt1 and it is still not showing up. I read this " To use a parallel port printer, the lp , parport and parport_pc kernel modules are required." on cups wiki. Maybe I am missing kernel modules. I do not know how to check if that is the problem.

I think it has to be something with cups not reading the parallel port. Reads the usb connection just fine for the hp hooked up.

I tried just entering a uri but parallel:/dev/lp0 did not work and neither did parallel:/dev/parport0

Seems like Im just talking to myself but if anyone is reading, I stumbled across this"Remove libsane-hpaio. This package grabs and holds the parallel port. The package is for HP scanners connected to LPT1" could this also be what is going on in my situation with Manjaro.

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