Printer not working in Manjaro awesome

Hi there,

I have an interesting issue and have no idea where to start or what to do.
I use a Canon MG3600 Printer at home. It works flawlessly on my Manjaro Cinnamon, but doesn't work on Awesome. - I use the same driver-package for both installations (cnijfilter2-mg3600) from AIR.
I can install the printer just fine, but when I print someting, a blank paper is thrown out and the printer goes in error-mode.

Can you point me to a solution? If you need logfiles, tell me (don't know where to start concerning that).


Could you try system-config-printer and look whether you can manage the printer with this tool.

sudo pacman -Syu system-config-printer

No, I'm afraid that doesn't work. :frowning:
I can add the printer fine, but it doesn't print.
Tried with another driver already cnij-mg7700 which is specifically for my printer. When I try to change the driver in system-config-printer (which I installed by your suggestion) it stops reacting and I have to log out and log back in. - I'll check my settings in Cinnamon later again. - I can't believe that it worked that easily out of the box in cinnamon, but doesn't work in awesome.

EDIT: OK, it stopped working with Manjaro cinnamon as well. :frowning:
Tried downgrading system-config-printer, no success.

It was a driver-problem.
Works with cnijfiler-mg3500.
And I forgot to install cups-bjnp.

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