Printer stops mid printing

So I am using Manjaro on my pc and I have installed Cups, I have installed also cups-pdf, gutenprint, and Manjaro-printer, when i go to print from CUPS web interface, printer starts printing and then stops all of a sudden mid printing and starts buzzing.
What could possibly cause this?

Also, I did not install a driver for my specific printer since I was looking for it and apparently it doesn't exist... But as far I figured gutenprint is like a general driver.

Thanks for your help!

Hello and welcome to Manjaro!

Please provide more information on the hardware and software you use with

inxi --full --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host

and post the output as explained in this tutorial for better readability. (These symbols ``` at the beginning and the end of each output)

What printer do you use? What is the exact model number/name?
You may want to install system-config-printer, which makes management of printers much easier. You can do so with pamac GUI or:

sudo pacman -Syu system-config-printer

Okay so, I added more info about my system on my account.
And the printer I have is Epson XP-245.
The printer just stops mid printing, and there isn't any code or errors outputed, I will try to see if any errors show up, and I will try to install system-config-printer and then get back to you!
Thank you for your response

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