Printing is broken after upgrading to hplip 1:3.20.2-1

Greetings. When I was attempting to print to my HP OfficeJet 6958, the print job would hang and indicate that it was "processing". I waited several minutes to see if it would progress, but it never did. On some repeated attempts, the printer job would fail, but on most attempts, the job would hang indefinitely until I manually stopped the job. The LCD display on the printer would also show a progress indicator of the incoming job, but it would not progress. I've attempted to delete and re-add the printer but to no avail. By restoring snapshots using Timeshift, I've discovered that it was the upgrade of hplip from 1:3.19.12-1 to 1:3.20.2-1 that broke printing for me. This problem is the same on a ThinkPad 11e and a ThinkPad T520 both running 19.0.2 Kyria. The 11e is running Mate and the T520 is running XFCE. The printer is an HP OfficeJet 6958 which is compatible with the 6950 drivers. As a workaround, I've downgraded to the earlier version of hplip and I held that package back from upgrading.

That's already described in this article.

sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/hplip/* -R
sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/share/hplip/\*

I tried this already and printing functionality was not restored. Downgrading to a earlier working version is the only thing that restores printing.

Printing is restored after the March 24th update which included hplip 1:3.20.2-2.

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