printing problems 2020 with updates

Installed Manjaro ~ 2 months ago and printing worked.

Have done updates occasionally on work and home machine (each has an HP Office jetPro 8600 Plus printer), but for both printing has slowed. After the most recent update last week my home machine printing processes jobs a very long time... and does not print, while our home Xubuntu laptop prints to the printer just fine. The system also seemed to drop the printer settings from enabled, which I have reset without solution. Reboot does not help.

Not being able to print again is a big deal.

wait for the next stable update (already fixed in testing) or
install a fixed hplip manually (3.20.2 is broken)

sudo pacman -U ""

Try this
I have a different HP printer that wasn't printing yesterday. I did an update (I'm on the testing branch) and I applied the chmod fix in the above link. Printing works again for me.

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I've been trying all day to print a COVID related warning for my building. Breaking printing by keeping Manjaro updated is very annoying and is not the first time. Install and boot into Ubuntu and print my dumb answer. Waa ..

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