Privacy Error in Browser,browser does not work anymore

After I updated my system yesterday I can't use any browser anymore. It always tells ne privacy error.

I already cleared the cash, disabled all extensions and tryed a lot of other things I googled.

I took some pictures, because I can't post Screenshots without the browser access at the moment.

IMG_20200423_164745__01_copy_864x563 IMG_20200423_164803__01_copy_864x701 IMG_20200423_164929__01_copy_864x811 IMG_20200423_164836__01_copy_864x693 IMG_20200423_165150__01_copy_864x580

Does this also happen in Firefox? (assuming this is Chrome)

If yes: your router might be compromised: update its firmware...
If no: Delete Chrome / Chromium: it's poison! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. Flameshot is the best screen grabber for static pics.


WHAT ???

Hey FF fanboys/girls, I use chromium (ungoogled), chromium-vaapi, chromium since it's beginning.
Never made me problems. This is user error.

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It does happen in Vivaldi, Firefox and all Chrome/chromium based browsers. I updated my system vie pacman gui so I think it is hardly possible that one click did something wrong. I reinstalled everything which had something to so with certificates like ca-certificates, python-certifi, etc.
Changed nothing....
But the hint with the router might be good. Even though I just updated it last week.

If I check the certifciates in the browsers under settings there are none... in dev tools it says certificates Missing.

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See these threads:

This issue is also mentioned in the 2020-04-18 Stable Update thread:

Thanks a lot @bill_t !
Maybe two minutes of reading and 10 seconds to fix it...


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