Privacy Issues On Manjaro

Hey, why does use cookies? What safety measures does Manjaro use to protect Manjaro User Privacy?

All well-informed answers appreciated.

A quick search in the forum would reveal some topics regarding this "issues"

A few discussions where made here:


and here:

@dlalinsp From the name of the cookies, i'd say they use Wordfence.

@bogdancovaciu Yet this time it's about cookies.

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I like them with my coffee :smiley:

Back to topic, doesn't it is influenced/depends on the used browser and the settings for it?

Are you specifically asking about or do you want to know about cookies in general? (e.g. if you have a concern over cookies then you shouldn't be using the web generally.)

If you have seen that uses cookies you should also have seen the cookie names, which are: wfvt_4014686498 and wordfence_verifiedHuman. From this you should be able to deduce that these are anti-spam/anti-bot cookies. You should also have seen that both are session cookies so will disappear as soon as you close your browser (or browser tab depending on your setup).

On the website? Or in the distro? Or in life generally?

This topic comes up regularly and the most recent/comprehensive has already been linked to by @bogdancovaciu so have a read of that one. Also, search.

I'm going to temporarily close this thread to give the OP a chance to read the threads that are already available without others bumping the thread too much. 24 hours should do.


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