Privacy-Security-Tracking - Ungoogled-Chromium Browser now Available

Anyone using the internet lately knows just how toxic privacy and tracking has become.

We suggest that you immediately protect yourself, friends and family by using ungoogled-chromium in AUR repository.
Removes Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency!


If there's no Google integration, why not just use Qupzilla or the like?

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@Strit The problem with Qupzilla 2.* is that there is (last time I looked) no way (without recompiling it with modifications) to turn off WebRTC.

WebRTC implements STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for Nat), a protocol that allows the discovery of the user's public IP address.

Vivaldi when checked here is giving away far less information than any other browser (my old favorites were Firefox & then Pale Moon as it is more secure than FF, though I tested other browsers too) that I've looked at.

It is unfortunate that Vivaldi is part closed source & a little bit slow at times, but I can't argue with what says it reveals to the snoops that want to track & collect data on all of us.

[edit:] I should add that I'm testing using uBlock Origin; uMatrix; uBlock Origin Extra; Privacy Badger; (& Share Me Not - which really wouldn't effect these tests). & of course AirVPN. :smiley: As I would be on FF & PM.

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Chromium does not use WebRTC then?

Does not uBlock Origin have an option to help prevent WebRTC leakage ?

If you really want to know how easily you can be identified via digital fingerprinting, see... is the place where you can see just how much information your browser reveals about you and your system.

Addons like

uBlock Origin; uMatrix; uBlock Origin Extra; Privacy Badger;

are fine for web based tracking, but digital fingerprinting is mainly used these days to identify and aggregate interwebs activity using a unique fingerprint id.

Chromium based browsers currently offer very little protection from fingerprinting.

Yes it does, though from memory if you use the uMatrix add-on in Vivaldi it is best to turn it OFF in Vivaldi & on in uBlock Origin. Either way whenever I make any changes I always check on .

@Strit I hope that kind of answers your question? If you can't turn OFF WebRTC in Chromium any other way, then grab the uBlock Origin add-on from here:

I wrote about that stuff in the Wiki.

I do the browser thing & use what I (arguably) consider to be the best VPN on the planet. If I want to do better than that I've got to start booting with read only media & bouncing my VPN through Tor & who knows what else.

I'm not a criminal so I'm not going to go to that much trouble. I am at least making it a little more difficult & that much more expensive for whoever wants to go to the trouble of storing my highly encrypted packets & then decrypting it (probably with a Quantum computer).

My other choices are to go to I2P or just stop using the internet. If the powers that be bring down too many more impediments to privacy & freedom, I expect that many more smart people will go to I2P, which will be a good thing I think as some of them will put the effort in to make it a more pleasant way to surf the (dark)net.

Huh? Who is talking about criminal activity? I simply want to visit a site without leaving a unique digital fingerprint that can be on-sold into the Big Data machine. Aggregation of this info into an Orwellian detailed profile is what creeps me out.

VPN only masks your IP address and encrypts your traffic through a secure tunnel to a shared, hopefully non-logged, exit point. Only two things that really matter with a VPN is no logging and encryption strength, although decoupling the entry and exit point IP addresses is good too.

None of this matters if your browser is able to query your underlying system and provide enough information to uniquely identify you.

The Tor browser has many anti-fingerprinting measures in place, in additon to connection to the Tor network. According to this post it is possible to decouple Tor browser from the Tor network and run it through your ISP / VPN connection.

Only real defense against fingerprinting, especially on Chromium based browsers, is to disable javascript. FF has a few addons that help muddy the waters a bit, but they probably won't survive past Mozilla's chrome-ification of FF with web extensions.

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Which parts aren't open sourced?

I downloaded the source code from here:

The README claims it's compilable by everyone. Something I'm unable to check, as the build file refuses to work in Manjaro and I don't have the time right now to find and make the required changes:

ERROR: Only Ubuntu 12.04 (precise), 14.04 (trusty),  14.10 (utopic), 15.04 (vivid), 15.10 (wily) and 16.04 (xenial)  are currently supported

I don't know, I read it somewhere. I installed from the AUR.

Your preaching to the preacher... lol

@ handy

Have you used or tried Ghostery?
Please give it a test and let me know how good it is.

Life is good on Manjaro

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@ sueridgepipe

Huh? Who is talking about criminal activity?

Criminals are already protected under the constitution, whereas innocent people become victims of the NSA and government spy agencies!

Life is Good on Manjaro

@Rocky-IV Yes I've used Ghostery in the past. There are better options available now that don't sell their results to marketroids.

On Vivaldi the combo of uBlock Origin; uBlock Origin Extra; uMatrix; Disconnect; Canvas Defender; HTTPS Everywhere; Privacy Badger is the best I can come up with, on Firefox/Pale Moon I would have NoScript & Request Policy as options to add to the mix.

That lot including a good paid for VPN is the best I can come up with. (In combination with a tight cookie & DOM policy.)

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On Vivaldi the combo of uBlock Origin; uBlock Origin Extra; uMatrix; Disconnect; Canvas Defender; HTTPS Everywhere; Privacy Badger is the best I can come up with, on Firefox/Pale Moon I would have NoScript & Request Policy as options to add to the mix.

Hi Handy - I use more obscure Web Browsers. Currently using Tor-browser, Brave, Opera Developer, Arora, Min-browser
I've always used UBlock Origin for all web browsers + HTTPS Everywhere & Disconnect
I'll definitely need to explore uBlock Origin Extra, uMatrix, Canvas Defender, Privacy Badger

Thanks Handy
Life is Good on Manjaro

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