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I'm running ManjaroARM on my pi 4 with SSD, great performance, as we discussed on an earlier post. But I'm having a problem getting the PIA vpn app to run on the system. The app itself from PIA has a lot more settings to play with than the built in network manager on Manjaro. When I run the install script from PIA's website, it says the install is successful, but when I launch the program it shows the icon on the taskbar, and then disappears. The VPN is functioning in my network manager, and I am able to connect, but like I said, I am not able to play with the settings to fix my speed issue. I realize I won't be able to have the same speed as my raw connection, but on an ubuntu server install I have on a desktop, I am able to get 175+ on PIA.


The PIA App is probably not compiled for aarch64.

Do you have a PKGBUILD used for the package?

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I had to step away for a couple hours, will let you know in a few. I 'm pretty sure I had the application from their website running on a previous install I had though.

Aside from their VPN client software, PIA support the use of several standard VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. I was never able to get L2TP working on Manjaro ARM’s network manager. Had success with OpenVPN and PPTP though. I think PPTP may have a few vulnerabilities, but it’s good enough if you just want to appear to be somewhere else.

A good PIA OpenVPN setup guide can be found here:

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The wireguard is still in beta it looks like. I am going to fidget with it today. I actually really like the PIA application on the full desktop version of Manjaro. I do have the openVPN PIA working on ARM, but like I said, the speeds are not good. I am almost positive I had the full application installed on the Pi 4 before, and it has the best NIC of all the devices in my home. Right now I am using an old Dell AIO as a Plex server and downloader, but I'd like to switch to using the Pi 4 for downloads.


Private Internet Access, does not seem to support the Raspberry Pi, even with Rasbian, so getting it to run on Manjaro ARM would require you to compile the source code, which you don't have access too.

I have only been able to use the OpenVPN configs for PIA on Manjaro.

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copy. is there a third party manager that can be used? I am not sure why I am getting lower speeds. even if I didn't have the application running on the pi, I am sure I was getting more than 50mbps DL.

edit- when I get to it shortly, maybe it was that server I was connected to, or there is something I can fidget with in the router/ports to see if that was the issue. On the desktop version, I have LAN enabled, so i'll have to see if the autoconfig for the openvpn setup has that enabled or not. Not sure if using PIA's DNS or the DNS on my pihole (unbound) makes a difference as well.

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