Problem changing or moving desktop icons in Manjaro kde

hey all , i'm new to linux , just moved from windows 10 , after doing some research i found that manjaro kde suits me best , installed it and all things went smooth , some quirks here and there but managed to fix them all with the help of google and the help of terminal ...
just one problem i still can't solve it ...
I'm still used to the traditional desktop experience of Microsoft Windows (desktop shortcuts , missing around with the desktop , being freely able to move or copy shortcuts , change icons , creating folders .. etc)
So naturally i'm trying to replicate the same experience here in manjaro but i have a problem here ...
the problem is that i can't change the desktop shorcuts icons or move shortcuts to desktop.
when i try changing an icon i get an error message "sorry - plasma: Could not save properties. You do not have sufficient access to write to /home/user/Desktop/firefox.desktop." or any app not just firefox
and when i try to move a shortcut say from bottom bar to desktop , i get an error message " information -- plasma: Access denied to /home/user/Desktop/./org.kde.dolphin.desktop."

if any one can tell me what is the problem or what i'm doing wrong here i would be more than thankful :slight_smile:

thank you

I'm going to go out on a limb here because I don't use any desktop icons myself, but there are a few things to take into consideration...

  • Some of the default icons on the desktop may in fact be symbolic links, pointing at actual files under the /usr hierarchy, which an unprivileged user does not have write access to. That would explain why you would not be able to modify those icons, although this should not apply to any icons you yourself have added to the desktop.

  • In order to make any modifications to the icon settings on the desktop, you have to right-click the desktop first and choose "Unlock Widgets". After you've done that, you have to right-click the desktop again, and then you'll see a similar setting for the icons, because desktop icons can be locked separately, in order to avoid accidentally overwriting/deleting them.

  • You might also try the following command in a terminal...

sudo chown -R roadblock:roadblock /home/roadblock

Replace every instance of roadblock in the command above by your actual login name.

(The command does a recursive (re-)appropriation of all files under your home directory to your user account.)


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