Problem installing Manjaro from Flash Drive

Hello everybody,
I am currently trying to install Manjaro on an older laptop (Thinkpad T510).
When I select the flash drive with the Manjaro .iso image in the boot menu, I only get an error message:

Error: no such device: F490-3301.
Error: hd1 cannot get C/H/S values.
Error: hd1 cannot get C/H/S values.
Press any key to continue.

Then it sends me back to the boot menu.

Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be? I tried multiple downloads of the .iso file and multiple ways to burn the .iso onto the flash drive, but I keep getting the same error. The computer previously had no problem starting an installation from a flash drive. It is currently running Ubuntu which I installed from the same device.
I am really at a loss here as to where the problem lies and I would be very happy about any hints on how to solve it.
Thank you very much.

I am not sure if this is the same problem you are facing, but some of the old Thinkpads have BIOS issues which results in some USB drives being incompatible. You can read a little more about a similar issue with T520 here: T520 Won't boot from USB

If you have a different USB drive, preferably a different brand altogether, you might want to try that.

Thought the fact that you installed Ubuntu using the usb drive makes me doubtful that this will solve your problem, but if you've got another flash drive handy it would be easy to try.

Try with not burning the ISO but use ventoy to make your stick bootable then do a one-to-one copy of the iso file onto your stick.

Thank you very much. My laptop does seem to have the same problem. It dawned on me I actually installed Ubuntu on the machine with a different flash drive that I had borrowed from a friend. So trying again with a different flash drive might work.
I also tested the current flash drive on my desktop computer and I was able to enter the Manjaro installation menu there, so the problem seems to be incompatibility between the laptop and the flash drive.

Thank you. This tool does look very useful. Maybe I'll give it a try in a future application.

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